Frozen madness starts again

6 11 2006

PenguinNew version of Frozen Bubble has been released a week ago and I finally had some time to test it. I must admit Frozen guys did a great job. It took them a bit, but it was worth it. Interface is better and richer, so no need to use a command line anymore (which is great for a common user). Penguin graphics have been changed to more 3d-ish (well, sign of our times – I liked original 2d graphic, but the new one is also nice). The hit of this release is of course full multiplayer support. There are a lot of servers running already and the only thing that is missing is players. So if you have Linux installed give FB 2.0 a try. I need players for multiplayer games. ;-)

BTW, after a vacation I’m finally back. Expect some updates on Cheesecake soon.