Free your blog!

27 02 2007

During my search for free blogs today I got surprised by the fact that a really small percent of Python blogs (either on Planet Python or Unofficial Planet Python) is licensed under a free license (full list below). I believe it’s caused mostly by omission or unawareness, as in my example — I added a CC button pretty recently, although my intention was to share my knowledge with others from the very beginning.

Most of you already publish your code in open source projects, so you know the benefits of openness. Next step is freeing your ideas and hard work you’ve put into your blog. Choose a license that work for you and open your blog content for collaboration.

For a quick explanation of CC licensing, watch this video:

What follows is a list of Planet Python and Unofficial Planet Python blogs that are licensed under Creative Commons. If I omitted your blog or you’ve added a CC licensing recently, please let me know in the comments, so I can update this list.