spec plugin compatible with nose 0.10

12 10 2007

If you use the spec plugin (part of the pinocchio package) and want to upgrade to the new version of nose, you can safely do this now, because here is the new spec plugin, (I hope) fully compatible with the new plugin API. Note that it’s not an official release of pinocchio, but just a testing version for the impatient. I haven’t changed other pinoccho plugins, so you’re safe to upgrade your pinocchio 0.1 installation to this version. Let me know if something doesn’t work as expected.



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15 04 2008

This is off-topic from the blog post above: but how would you back-up tumblr using this python script: http://time-loop.tumblr.com/post/21172056. I downloaded the script but since i have limited programming knowledge (i learnt VB and just started to learn java), how exactly would i run a python script to back up my tumblr

16 04 2008

You need Python in version at least 2.3 and demjson library, which you can install by doing sudo easy_install demjson (at least if you’re on Linux). Then you simply run python tumblr_copy.py name_of_your_tumblr destination_file, where name_of_your_tumblr is just the tumblr name, not a full domain (e.g. “time-loop” in my case) and destination_file is a file where JSON output will be saved. For custom domains you’d have to manually change the host variable in the get_json_from function.

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