Accepted to Summer of Code 2007!

19 04 2007

It actually happened a week ago, but I was really busy and had no time to share this happy news with the world. But here I am again, a lucky student ready to hack some Python code during summer. This time I will not only write in Python, but also for Python – I’m going to implement a verification system for patches contributed to Python project via its patch tracker. See the application for detailed description. I have already set up a Trac instance for this project, so go ahead and post your comments there.

Last summer I learnt quite a bit about Python and its toolset, made some great friends and got involved into even more projects. I will be happy if this year will be no different.



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19 04 2007

Congratulations! I hope it works out as well as last year’s did. (At least, I thought last year’s project worked out very nicely–I definitely derived a lot of usefulness from what you did.)


20 04 2007
Kumar McMillan

Michal, this is great news. I remember Titus mentioning this idea somewhere but reading your application puts it into better perspective. This is very cool and would make me want to submit patches ;)

In case you aren’t already considering security, I can see a lot of challenges in this aspect. Since code can be submitted by anyone through sourceforge and then run on your build machine you will have to lock things down very tightly. This may be as simple as disabling local mta and running it as a stripped down user, I’m not sure. I’m just imagining the worst, a patch like:

import smtplib, urllib2
s = smtplib.SMTP('localhost')
f = urllib2.urlopen("")
for addr in f:
# you get the idea


27 04 2007

I consider security top priority, as I don’t want Python Roundup to be spammed with forged patches only because our verification system is buggy. I’m still thinking about those things, but hope to share my thoughts with the world soon.

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