22 07 2006

Polish CheesecakeI know you were all waiting for this. 100th commit of Cheesecake has been made. Go on, check out code and taste this delicious piece of Python. Some have already done so and don’t regret it.

But seriously, I feel my first days of working on Cheesecake were sooo long ago. Now I know every line of its code… But not only a pure code was important – I extended Cheesecake testing infrastructure, setting up a buildbot and adding first functional tests. Now, after few more bugfixes and finishing touches Cheesecake will be ready for its first official release! Then we’ll head for PyPI integration, spreading XP ideas further into Python community. And that’s not all – check out latest Grig’s initiative. Looking at the results I feel the effort was really worth it. Enough words – time to get some sleep. 8-)



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