26 06 2006

DevonThis iteration took two weeks to complete because of exams I had. Fortunately exams will soon end; I have the last one on Thursday.

Most important thing about past iteration was testing Cheesecake on all PyPI packages, which revealed a few issues. First, lots of packages don’t have correct download URLs listed on their PyPI pages, what makes scoring impossible. setuptools try hard to find a download link, but it fails for many packages. PJE don’t want to include any more screen scraping code in setuptools, so now it’s package maintainers duty to update their download links. Without this manual work of Python developers, the whole idea of PyPI and setuptools is useless.

There is also a group of packages that have only an egg uploaded, without a link to project sources. Eggs are intended to be a binary distribution, and as such, will be harder to score. Cheesecake have support for eggs now, but scoring techniques for scoring them will have to be improved at some point. We still have many ideas waiting to be implemented, so please be patient.

Of course there is a reason I’ve done all these tests. My goal is to start PyPI integration soon, so I want to be sure I’m heading in the right direction and that all changes in Cheesecake are for the good of Python community. I’ve already fixed some scoring methods and there are more improvements on their way. If you’re a Python developer, please try running Cheesecake on your project. I would love to hear your comments.

You can read in more detail about stories completed in Devon on Grig’s blog.




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