The worst project ever

6 06 2006

Some people have very strong emotional relationship with Cheesecake:

for the record, the “cheesecake” mandatory-inane-code-metrics-invented-by-bozos project is the worst project ever in Python’s history.

“we don’t have any creative talent whatsoever, so let’s come up with a way to fuck with all the creative people that has made Python into what it is.”

seriously, if the only thing you find interesting in computing is the chance to control what other people do, and how they do it, please go work in some other field.

Well, I guess Cheesecake is right in front of pylint, setuptools, doctest, or even Python interpreter itself, as these tools also don’t hesitate to point programmer his/her mistakes. With a company of these projects we feel perfectly well.




3 responses

6 06 2006

“even Python interpreter itself”

Cute. And thanks for confirming my “you guys just don’t get it” theory.

6 06 2006

Eloquence of your arguments is astonishing.

12 06 2006
Ian Bicking

Some people get really really weird about having their work judged. Apparently even if it’s judgement largely about things they are probably not interested in, like packaging. Even if you steep every criticism in self-deprecating terms like “kwalitee” to suggest that the score is not authoritative. It’s best to just ignore it.

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